Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thoughts heading into Game 2

The other night, we all heard what was posted here, about a Pistons fan you could hear on the tv broadcast. When Chris Webber took a jump shot, the fan yelled "Don't Shoot!". I made a comment how I sounded exactly the same when Larry Hughes gets the ball.

Froms pointed out that Chauncey Billups looks like Cecil Turtle (yes, that's his name.)

YaySports! points out the least to everyone but Mike Brown and a "certain number 23", to paraphrase an old buddy.

Post him up. Post him up. PLEASE.

And we’re not talking about the thing where he posts up wide on the wing, then big-pivots around so he’s…back at the 3-point line again.

Put him down on the deep freaking block and get it into him, then surround him with a cutting AV and your shooters - Gibson, Jones, and/or maybe the occasional Marshall.

We just can’t understand how this doesn’t get run constantly, although part of this is on LBJ, as well. He’s gotta GO as soon as he gets that thing - no more standing around for 3-4 seconds, allowing the defense to adjust. Why do the Lasers that kind of favor?

We’ve all seen him barrel through 3 and even 4 bodies once he’s rolling, and Webber, et al aren’t quick enough to get into a charge situation. Just GO to the hole. You’re unstoppable, but not if you sit there and stare at the basket before trying to get to it.

I read this somewhere on line in response to Bill Simmons and all the Celtics fans' heartbreak at the NBA lottery: Poor Boston fans. Now go back and cheer for the best team in baseball and watch Tom Brady throw touchdowns to Randy Moss. (Actually I will quite enjoy that myself).

King Kaufman says that Lebron pulled a Nowitzki on Monday night. I don't know about that. Although anyone who says it was one on three for the layup (looking at you, Lebron), must not have noticed that he was past Prince, Rasheed was late, and Rip was heading out toward the left three point line, not toward the lane. That being said, Rasheed had like 19 blocks already, and Prince can touch the ground while standing straight up, so it wasn't a gimme. And if he had shot it and gotten blocked, the same writers would be saying he forced it.

I'm not a big fan of Lebron's post game "We're OK with this loss tonight" comments. I'd rather hear "This sucks, we need to figure out how to give them a great big shit burger to eat in game 2." Mike from GodHatesClevelandSports says:

...when Michael Jordan takes The Shot it is capitalized, and when Donyell Marshall takes the shot it is not.
Just remember, LeBron James driving the lane, drawing the attention of the entire defense like he's a magnet and the opponents are made of metal, then dishing to the corner for a game-winning three-ball try is an established part of the Cavs' repertoire. James connected with Damon Jones on such a play to beat the Toronto Raptors by a point last March, just a few days after matching up with Flip Murray on almost the exact same play in a win over the Chicago Bulls. Then there was Game 6 of the first round of the playoffs last year, when Larry Hughes found Damon Jones alone in the corner for a 23-footer to decide the series in the Cavs favor by a point.

All three treys came on the road with less than five seconds to go. So don't pretend LeBron's pass to Donyell Marshall was a surprise. It's part of a pattern.

Of course, so is not winning a championship since 1964.
Who knows. Let's go Cavs. It's going to be very interesting to see how they come out Thursday night. Coincidentally, the first day after May sweeps is over. The NBA didn't want to compete against American Idol on Wednesday. Post Script: The midget white kid didn't win.