Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Spin on Spider-Man 3

I saw Spider-Man 3 over the weekend and I've gotta say... it was average. Entertaining because it was Spider-Man, but pretty boring actually and surprisingly not much action. With each installment (1, 2 & 3), I feel the storyline and dialogue has become increasingly corny, culminating in an extreme cheezeball script for #3. As a matter of fact, watching #1 & 2 nowadays, I don't feel either has aged well.

Regarding the 3rd addition (The Battle Within)...
Venom and Sandman were VERY cool, but unlike many people, I'm not absorbed by cool visual things and super special effects. I like them, I appreciate them, but they don't save the movie for me. (See Independence Day for a perfect example). Now by no means was this as bad as Independence Day, but it was disappointing, even with scenes of Cleveland (and a sign Cathy and I worked on while at Kapp & Associates) in the background. (Look for the City Club as Spidey swings over and down Euclid Ave.)

At one point, I had to pee really bad right smack dab in the middle of the movie. I don't think I've gone to the bathroom since I was 10 years old in a movie. I don't like to miss anything, let alone a movie like Spider-Man. It could've been the 4 glasses of water I had at dinner, but instead of holding it to the point of pain (which I did for some stupid reason during Gangs of NY, one the worst movies I've seen in recent years) I left to explore the bathrooms of Macedonia Commons Theater. The main point is that when I got back, it was the same scene as when I left... a "heartfelt" exchange between Peter and MJ.

Maybe superhero movies shouldn't try to explore too much in depth, the complexities of relationships, but I give them credit for trying. Much like second guessing LeBron's decision to pass up a layup attempt for a Donyell Marshall 3 from the corner, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. If the movie is only about action and effects, then it's a shallow movie. Maybe they needed an advisor like when Lucas finally hired Speilberg for Star Wars 3. Someone to come in and edit the script, take out the overindulgence of corny cliches, and balance between action and meaningful dialogue.

All this being said, when Spider-Man 4 comes out, I know I'll be jacked to see it. And hopefully more than this guy...