Monday, May 28, 2007

Thoughts before game 4...well, 24 hours before...

I missed my flight home and have to wait 90 minutes, so I might as well take some time to give my thoughts on Sunday's game from beautiful O'Hare airport. I did just buy a Chicago dog which comes with onions, mustard, jalapeƱos, some relish stuff that looks like it's in relish jello, and a big pickle. (Hold the tomatoes please). Anyway it was $3.29 and just as good as a ballpark Kosher dog, so I don't regret the purchase.

As I sit here digesting before I really really need to use an airport bathroom...

-Just saw that Larry Hughes is doubtful for game 4. Is there any Cavs fan that is thinking, "Just another stroke of bad luck for Cleveland sports!" I would think the Gibson and Snow combo can hold their own. Boobie is looking nice out there. Although Larry was looking good in the first part of Sunday's game.

-I watched the game at a Chicago bar that is a big Ohio State bar. (This is after a bar I went to very late on Friday night had all the bartenders wearing maize and blue shirts that advertised "The Big House in Chicago" on them--I didn't see it until I ordered my beer so I had to stay.) Anyway the OSU bar had a number of SVAC fans there, and was absolutely packed. We stood the whole time and the bar area I was in was playing loud music the whole time. Still enjoyed it. Three guys right near me were rooting for the Pistons and at least one was slightly annoyed with me at one point (probably after the 'Sheed facial that Lebron delivered.) Found out after the game that he bet the game, he's not a 'stons fan.

-Great game although that flurry of threes from Detroit made me a little nervous. I was having trouble figuring out why the game was so close at the half but Lebron's two huge shots in the fourth were beautiful. And the dunk over Rasheed was just incredible.

-Varajao is starting to annoy me a little bit with his theatrics but I love his game. Plus when Rasheed finally pulls a Kermit Washington on him that will kind of tilt the series a little bit, huh?

-The Washington Post writes a great story you should read about Caron Butler. We have some June birthdays coming up--what's Selby's address again?

-I like to think there's about a 92% chance the Cavs are going to win Tuesday. So why not a repeat of last year's game 5? And then this year maybe hold serve in Game 6. If Lebron can maybe get to the gym a little early and look like he gives a crap the entire game, there's no reason Detroit should win another game until November.

-Brian Windhorst writes that Varajao is a desired object in the gay community. Really? Also a little bit about Lebron's "moodiness":

I have written here before that sometimes when you talk to LeBron before games that you can tell he's charged, it happened a handful of times this season. The best I can remember was before the game in L.A. when he killed the Lakers. I have also written and told many people when they ask me about what LeBron is truly like that he can be moody. In Game 3, he was in the mood to kick tail. It was the mood Michael Jordan permanently existed in.
- There's actually a mini-controversy (very very mini) on whether Lebron tried to hit some women with the ball...check out the link for the youtube video.

-Finally, YaySports! had a great little aside: Boy, that homecourt advantage would look good right now, huh? Perhaps a little more effort in those Knicks, Celtics, and Bobcats games next season?