Saturday, May 19, 2007

Put up or shut up...

Well I think every Cavs fan knows....that they have no idea how the Cavs are going to play in the ECF. But Vox was dead wrong, SVAC came up huge and now they can all rest this weekend. Monday night might set a tone for the series.

How the Cavs pushed it inside, and set the tone in the first and fourth quarters, was huge.

Check out the shot chart on See the difference between the third quarter and the other quarters...many more midrange jumpers in or around the top of the key. Pushing it inside, only shooting baseline jumpers--Drew's staples-- or threes, seemed to be the key in the game. STOP SHOOTING 20 FOOT JUMPERS ON THE LEFT WING! Especially you Larry.

Yay!Sports compares SVAC to a certain disabled animal:

Watch what happens if they play like they’ve been playing - they will get ROLLED.

THAT SAID, maybe they’ll continue to inexplicably play to the level of their competition, whether that be up or down. We really have no idea if they’re as good as the Spurs or as bad as the Knicks - they just play the same as whoever they’re playing against. They’re like Retarded Chameleons…
Donyell shoves it right in From's face. And it looks like he did have a few good games this year. None better than last night however.

I think if Mikki Moore was here, I would fight him. I also think that none of 'Sheed's antics are going to fly with Sacha or Andy this series. Both of them are redasses, likes-to-fight-guys. Although Andy is also likes-to-turn-it-over guy too--but I still like him!

I almost fell off my bar stool when I saw #19 out there last night. Then when I saw him Rock Bottom JKidd, I realized the strategy.