Thursday, May 17, 2007

Donyell Marshall

For my friend who argued last night, and I quote, "Donyell Marshall had a good year. " Then also said I complain too much about the Cavs, (sorry, I had no right to be pissed) and in the same sentence said I never think they commit a foul (even though I only disagreed with two calls: Sasha's "flagrant" and a charge late in the game).Yeah, I was pissed last night. I'm a passionate sports fan. Anyway, here's Donyell's stats for the year. (If you base it on his assist to turnover ratio then I guess he had an awesome year.) Seriously, were you thinking of last year, which wasn't that good either?

Oh wait, in December he had a 29 pt. game against the Bucks. Oh and a 15 and 19 pt. game. Great year.

Donyell Marshall 2006-07 season stats:

MPG: 16.8
FG%: .424
3P%: .351
FT%: .663
Off Reb: 1.1
Def Reb: 2.9
Tot Reb: 4.0
APG: 0.6
SPG: 0.5
BPG: 0.5
TO: 0.8
A/TO: 0.7
PF: 130
PPG: 7.0