Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some random game 4 thoughts...

Some are my own, and some are liberally borrowed...errr...stolen.

Gibson was the sh*t, driving to the hoop and making things happen. Now, I know that's not as easy when you're triple teamed constantly, but a certain 240-lb power forward should keep that in mind, particularly in "meaningless" mid-season games versus Charlotte. That alley-oop to Lebron--not too bad either.

Varajao leads the league in flops, I mean charges drawn, and by a huge margin. There have been a lot of articles decrying the constant flop--Bill Simmons suggests it has something to do with soccer fans from Europe and South America coming into the NBA. Is getting in the way of someone driving really good basketball? If that happened on Tuesday nights I would have to pull an AJ Peer-zin-ski on someone.

How great was the push away of Rip by Lebron on the trash-talking before his free throw attempt? thinks the same thing.

Windhorst says there's some dissension in the ranks in the Motor City? Really? Why would that be?

Finally, just found this fine blog by a freelance basketball writer. Hadn't seen it before. "20 Second Timeout".

And did anyone time Kelly Shoppach on his 360 yard dash around the bases after his huge homerun over the Monster tonight? Munch suggested 20K+ at the Q and 40K+ at the Jake this Saturday to watch Detroit get stomped 500 yards away from each other, plus 20K+ more downtown drinking themselves silly watching the games. I will put the over under on fans at the Indians game Saturday at 18K...sorry, first place or not, I'm not watching the Cavs at a tv in Jacobs Field's concourse. The Batter's Eye Bar? Maybe.