Sunday, September 27, 2015

What CST thinks about the Browns-Raiders today

Browns 20, Raiders 19

This is easily the game that the Browns lose, crushing fans' hopes. Also one of the games they can win this year. Right now I'm holding onto the fact that maybe the Jets aren't that bad...i.e. maybe the Browns aren't also. McCown steps in, ignores the Johnny chants, and gets the win.

Browns 21, Raiders 17

Today is the type of game the Browns have typically lost since their return: the winnable contest against an inferior opponent the week following a victory. Cleveland, even with its mediocre daredevil QB back under center, should have enough home cooking to avoid another momentum killing defeat. I'd just ask Browns fans to chill on the Johnny chants.

Oakland 28, Browns 24

Meeting John Football around noon at United Skates of America. Planning to mainline the cherry ICEE machine and lip-sync Rachel Platten.

Browns 24, Raiders 14

McCown is like Donald Trump. Nobody respects him (Trump) but he's the Man to make this Country Right. And McCown is the Man to make the Browns right this week at the Quarterback position.

Raiders 28, Browns 17

I just don't see the Browns having enough offensive fire power to win games consistently. Pair that with the inability to defend the run and it's pretty much status quo on the shores of Lake Erie—hope, despair, disbelief, repeat.