Sunday, September 13, 2015

What CST thinks about the Browns 2015 season

6-10 Record, 4th in AFC North

Last year I could not decide where to peg the Browns between 4 and 10 wins, I had no idea what the hell they'd look like, so they just looked like both a 10 win team (when they were 7-4, mostly with a healthy Alex Mack) and a 4 win team (after the first 11 games). The 12 stages of grief Browns fans went through in Manziel's first start will hopefully never be repeated. This year...even without a passing game, the stout defense, bolstered by new-Vince-Wilfork Danny Shelton, and healthy line, shouldn't make the Browns all that bad. I pray. That said, it is the Browns, and the schedule is a lot harder than last year.

5-11 Record

This is a season for the record books already. Our #1 wideout suspended, our GM suspended for four games, our offense line coach on a leave of absence, and we haven't even played a game. There are believers/Kool-aid drinkers out there who think that Josh McCown is the short term answer although he has never proven to be the answer for any previous team, and has racked up 17 wins total in a 12 year career. Odds say he won't make it through the season, since he has yet to play a full one. McCown, Dilfer, and Delhomme, its like groundhog day around here. It's gonna be a long one Browns fans. Get ready for yet another press of reset.

6-10, 4th in the AFC North

Ah, 6-10, it's good to see you again. My annual prediction on the Browns record has returned, and will keep doing so until this franchise proves otherwise. Trying to win consistently with a throwback, grind-it-out offense led by a game manager QB is simply not feasible in today's NFL. The defense will have to play at an extremely high level for the Browns to come close to .500, Unfortunately, I don't see that happening, and I'm paralyzed by visions of "Fail for Cardale" chants rising up within  FirstEnergy field by October. Nooooo!
7-9 Record, 4th in the AFC North

Every year I start with the same hope that if things go right we can make the playoffs and every year I am disappointed. I think this team could be slightly better than last year, but the schedule appears to be much more difficult. The Browns need to start at least 2-1. If not, I think we could be looking at a three-win season. My hope is we can get out to a fast start and at some point Johnny Football proves he can play in this league. Every year a team seems to come out of nowhere to make the playoffs. Maybe that could be the Browns this year. That would be cool.

3-13 Record

Nothing personal, Brownies. By now, we all know it's a QB League (the NFL insists on it, actually...with rules catered towards protecting and propelling high-powered offenses). But you just cut your best option in Terrelle Pryor. Not a Buckeye homer, either. I've just seen enough of Josh McCown to know that calling him a journeyman is kind. And I have no respect for a front office intent on another rebuilding season because the very basics of talent evaluation elude them, spring after spring. Oh, did I write nothing personal? That was a joke. Just like your silly organization.

3-13 Record, 4th in the AFC North

Browns just miss out on the Wild Card.

4-12 Record, 4th in the AFC North

The Browns went through training camp and the pre-season intent on keeping things quiet and uneventful, dashing my hopes of seeing them on Hard Knocks. And they were successful. But it's the Browns, so they cut Terrelle Pryor 5 minutes after making through "final" cuts, traded Terrance West and Billy Winn for some late round draft picks, and signed a back up running back with a high ankle sprain who reached an injury settlement with his former team... all in the week before starting the regular season. Nothing says winning quite like that.

16-0 Record, 1st in AFC North

Johnny Football returns to lead the Browns to victory in the money Super Bowl.