Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Browns play well in dress rehearsal and Manziel spits sunflower seeds at McCown

Hey, what do you know? The Browns looked pretty pretty pretttttty good against Tampa Bay on Saturday night. All three phases looked good, and that means that this Thursday's preseason wrapup in Chicago (which I'll be lucky enough to go to) will feature absolutely nobody worth seeing. At least there's beer! (Although maybe a Terrelle Pryor sighting will make the night.)

Regardless, caught this little gem of Josh McCown chatting up Johnny Football Tendinitis Manziel on the sideline, when Manziel spits out a sunflower seed shell and just whips it at McCown's chest from 3 inches away. Not sure exactly what that was about--maybe they're just great friends or maybe McCown was asking him a clown question. Who knows.