Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Refs just not calling 3/4 of Golden State fouls on Cavs

As we collect our breaths and re-start our hearts after Tuesday's amazing Game 3 Cavs victory over the Warriors, a game AGAIN dictated by David Blatt, LeBron James, Matthew Dellavedova, and the Cavaliers, let's take a look at the three extra men (in stripes) that the Cavs have had to deal with.

This was posted by the NBA on Instagram, with the caption that Steph Curry "uses three screens" to get open. Yeah, David Lee's screens were really legal...

And looks like a bit of a foul on David Lee here too. OMG HE IS THE WARRIORS' SAVIOR! If Delly threw his body ass-first for a loose ball like this he'd be called dirty. OH WAIT HE WAS CALLED THAT FOR THE KORVER INJURY.

And even the ABC announcers said this LeBron alley-oop should have been an and-1. Can we remember that all these non calls were during the Warriors' attempted comeback.

Where are the hearings about the "Hack-a-Bron"? Their strategy seems to be "hack the hell out of the Cavs" until they get called for it, and three games in, they still haven't been.