Monday, June 8, 2015

@KingJames steals Cavs @MatthewDelly 's 'Thumbs Up', no curse likely forthcoming

LeBron James had to be goofing after the game with the thumbs up, right? As he and Matt Dellavedova stood in 30 gallon garbage cans filled with ice water, both celebrating the biggest win in Cleveland Cavaliers history, Delly appeared to take a blurry Instagram selfie with LeBron after LeBron recorded a (slightly) higher quality video from said "trash can cold tub" for Bleacher Report.

And LeBron flashed his best Australian "thumbs up." I think he likes Delly. And I don't think Delly's going to pull a Lil B on his teammate. Right? Because that would be so Cleveland.

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After all, Delly basically trademarked the thumbs up in this amazing photo. One that still warms my heart. (And includes Kevin Love, for all of the national haters.)