Sunday, September 13, 2015

What CST thinks about the Browns-Jets today

Browns 23, Jets 13

The Jets S-U-C-K. I'm banking this entire win on the healthy offensive line allowing the Browns to actually run the ball. And because I'm a damn sucker with unwarranted optimism.

Jets 17, Browns 15 

Long day. They stick to the run for to long, and have to play catch-up the whole game. Its a shame since this is one of the games they are supposed to win. Home or away, the Browns lose again on opening day.
Yes, the Browns will go for 2. As a side note, I cannot wait for all these oddball scores with the change to the extra point.

Jets 17, Browns 9

Two unproven offenses face off in the Meadowlands, but the Browns lack of dynamic, proven skill-position talent spells their doom in the opener.
Browns 20, Jets 10

The law of averages says we have to win a season opener more often than once every 15 years.

Jets 18,  Browns 16

Josh McCown can't make a third-down throw.
Even if he can, we don't have a real threat at WR.
Text Ray Farmer laughing emoticons during the game.
See you next Sun-day, show your...

Jets 16, Browns 13

Browns just one wildcat play away from the victory.

Jets 18, Browns 10

Because it's the season opener. And it's the Browns.

Browns 61, Jets 44

(Editor's note, this fish found in the Cuyahoga in the latest survey just said "Browns by 17 or something.")