Sunday, October 4, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Chargers today

Cleveland Browns at San Diego Chargers
October 4, 2015

Browns 17, Chargers 15

I am an unabashed homer it seems, as I am now picking the Browns to win their fourth game in a row. It's now or never for the season. If the wide receivers, defensive backfield, run stoppers, or offensive line have any pride, they will play their asses off. Because it sure isn't Josh McCown's fault they lost last week.

Chargers 24, Browns 17

Don't worry folks, Dwayne Bowe healthy, and is ready to show off why the Browns invested heavily in him this off season. Donte Whitner is also ready to show he hasn't lost a step (or 2 or 3). I'm sick of all the talk with little to no backup. I don't know if it's me, but I find it annoying and a huge reason to not continue reading the interview, or it makes me change the channel on the radio/tv. The Browns might win today, they also have a very good chance of losing, I'm guessing they come out firing on all cylinders the first quarter but San Diego wins in the 4th quarter.

Chargers 27, Browns 23

The QB position is always a hot topic in Cleveland, but it's poor line play that's resulted in two Browns' losses so far this year. San Diego may be missing three starters on its own OL, which you'd think would be to Cleveland's advantage. But this team's inconsistency on both sides of the ball is too much to overcome, and the seat under GM Ray Farmer is about to get a little bit warmer.
Browns 21, Chargers 20

Super Bowl hopes still alive, as are the Presidential hopes of one Donald John Trump, Sr., whose clear Vision for our country will lead America into a new Millennium of Prosperity!

Chargers 30, Browns 10

Kate Winslet turns 40 tomorrow. And you probably figured out the iceberg analogy even before you finished reading this sentence. Remember, in 2000, when Chris Palmer publicly likened the Browns season to a runaway train? Well, after today's loss, Ray Farmer and Coach Pettine will be third-class on a sinking ship.

Chargers 31, Browns 14

Even the San Diego weather wouldn't have made this road trip worth it.

Chargers 27, Browns 17

San Diego missing 3, maybe 4, offensive lineman should be a huge advantage to any team. So...