Sunday, October 25, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Rams today

Cleveland Browns vs. St. Louis Rams

October 25, 2015

Browns 27, Rams 16

Ah, a matchup of a team that was jacked from it's hometown to be replaced by a sad imitation of the original, versus one that was jacked from its home, likely soon to return. The Browns are are as frustrating as ever. They're good, right? Or at least a good bad team? Well even a good bad team has to win some of the time.

Rams 33, Browns 21

Coming off a bye week the Rams come out and basically run the ball down the Browns throat. I'd like to think the Browns have a chance, but all I feel is "blah". Yeah, they might win some games here and there, but what are they playing for really? A journeyman QB, and a highly paid, highly drafted, disappointing defense. After this week, the heat turns up on both the GM and head coach, one of whom won't be around next year.
Rams 20, Browns 16

Rams RB Todd Gurley may get 30 carries against the Browns crepe paper run defense. Though Sunday's matchup is a winnable one for Cleveland, the defense as a whole cannot be trusted to make stops when it counts. I've had a lifetime of 'The Browns could be be (insert record here) if they just did this and this.' The cream rises in the NFL and the Browns have proven once more that they're not the cream.
Browns 24, Rams 20

The Browns aren't exactly winning games but a 7 point underdog to a 2-3 team?!  Todd Gurley will likely get his yards but Nick Foles blows. I look for McCown to continue to make plays and this time make a play at the end of the game to win!

Rams 28, Browns 23

Always a bit of a letdown for me when the Browns play indoors. It means Mike Pettine, unable to hide behind his Oakley Monster-Dog wrap-around shades, loses a bit of his 7-9 mystique.
Rams 21, Browns 20

Donald Trump just called the Browns a bunch of losers. Driving up his poll numbers in Ohio ten percent, and the rest of the country twenty percent.

Rams 24, Browns 20

Luke is mysteriously absent from the new Star Wars trailer and promotional poster, leaving fans to speculate what it all means. One theory is that he's simply "playing like a Brown".