Sunday, October 18, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Broncos today

Cleveland Browns vs. Denver Broncos

October 18, 2015

Broncos 31, Browns 17

So what is going on here is that the Browns quarterback may actually be better than the Broncos'. Who would have guessed that 2, 3, 6 weeks ago? And on the flip side, the Broncos' defense is amazing (despite some injuries this week), and the Browns should be lucky to even call one of their units "defense." So McCown, as good as he has been playing, will struggle but put up 17 points in a decent offensive game, and Manning, as much as he has been struggling, will still gash the Browns D.

Broncos 34, Browns 24

This week brings to town a defense that the Browns were advertising the whole off-season. Strong pass rush and solid to great across the board. Unfortunately what we have isn't close to that. Except for some outstanding play by McCown last week, the defense was gashed repeatably by the Ravens running game. I expect more of the same today.

Broncos, 28, Browns 17

For all the woe heaped on the Browns offense before the year, Josh McCown is showing the kind of poise and accuracy he displayed in Chicago for a half-season in 2013. Guys like Travis Benjamin, Duke Johnson and Gary Barnidge (!), meanwhile, have emerged as the playmakers this team was thought to lack. Still, you can't expect to win consistently with a defense that gets carved up every week. Even with an aging Peyton and virtually non-existent running game, undefeated Denver should have enough to take down Cleveland today.
Browns 24, Broncos 14

Age has caught up with Peyton Manning and the Browns are poised to tease us with their potential. And picking against the Browns doesn't sit well with me.

Browns 23, Broncos 21

Nearly three decades of obsessive fandom under my Browns belt, and nothing has shocked me more than the emergence of Josh McCown. Then again, I haven't watched any games this season. So if McCown plays well and I'm not there to see it, does it actually happen? Whatever the case, trees and Broncos fall today.

Broncos 34, Browns 24

Peyton performs a little surgery on the Browns secondary.

Broncos 34, Browns 18

Do you think the Browns wish they would've kept T.J. Ward considering their current defensive issues? The "Boss" returns to Cleveland, with the best defense in the NFL, to answer that question. Peyton Manning may not be what he was even a year ago, but even Jonathon "Mox" Moxon could carve up the Browns defense like Lady Gaga does to unsuspecting sex partners on American Horror Story: Hotel.