Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What CST thinks about the Cavs and the NBA this year...

NBA 2015-2016 Season Predictions

Cavs record: 61-21
Cavs playoff finish: NBA Champions
NBA Finals: Cavaliers over Clippers
MVP: Mr. LeBron James

Even if the first three lines don't come true, LeBron can't get jacked out of the MVP again. This season may start out a little rocky, but let's not forget they lost to the damn Knicks opening night last year, and weren't exactly coasting along in January. The regular season doesn't matter, and finally the 2015 Champion Warriors* should just never EVER forget the active roster of the team they beat.

Cavs record: 56-26
Cavs playoff finish: NBA Champions
NBA Finals: Cavs over Thunder
MVP: Anthony Davis

I'm glad the Cavs are back, not just because the NBA season starts tonight, but for the whole team as well. It's nice to have a team to root for who says #ALLin, and nothing less than a championship will satisfy them. While the other teams in this town are looking for a way to just get to the playoffs, it's refreshing to have a team that legitimately has a chance to win it all. It should be a fun ride.

Cavs record: 65-17
Cavs playoff finish: NBA Champions
NBA Finals: Cavs over Spurs
MVP: LeBron James

If this team was to remain healthy, and granted that's a big if, and they don't purposely rest key guys (the big three), they could win 75 games. Frankly, it doesn't matter what their record is as long as they're rolling going into the playoffs. With losing last year in the Finals in 6 games without 2 of the big three and a far weaker bench, I don't see how the Cavs aren't the favorites to win it all this season.

Cavs record: 57-25
Cavs playoff finish: Finals
NBA Finals: Spurs over Cavs
MVP: Kevin Durant

The marathon that is the NBA season begins tonight, and as a Cleveland sports fan sick to death of hearing about the mess in Berea, I cannot wait. The Cavs enter the season with an improved bench and a couple of key players coming back from injury. The process will be slow, and it's likely the Cavs will drop a few back-to-backs as the roster coheres. The most important thing is getting Love, Irving, Shumpert and of course #23 fully healthy and ready to go come late April. To quote Robert Carradine in                                                  Revenge of the Nerds,' it's gonna be a great year.    

 Cavs record: 55-27
 Cavs playoff finish: NBA Champions
 NBA Finals: Cavs over Warriors
 MVP: Steph Curry

Is there anything in sports more pointless than the NBA regular season? I  could pretty much tell you right now at least 14, 15, and maybe all 16        playoff teams. The Cavs will win the East easily even as a 3 or 4 seed; the only question is will the West be won by the Spurs, Thunder, or Warriors? With Kyrie out, Love just getting back, and Lebron likely resting some games, I see this season playing out much like last year... slow start, strong finish. But this year, if healthy, we finally win it all.


Cavs record: 52-30
Cavs playoff finish: Finals
NBA Finals: Warriors over Cavs
MVP: Russell Westbrook

The actual games are often just a footnote during the NBA regular season. As Cavalier Consumers, we are barraged with stupid-ass Facebook clickbait from CavsNation.com, snarky tweets and commentary from jealous national media snobs, and speculation about Coach Blatt's relationship with our other Head Coach, who also happens to play Small Forward and control every nuance of the sporting universe. All the while it's snowing and seemingly dysfunctional on the North Coast, and it's easy                                          to forget how freaking fabulous life will be when June walks in and                                                    we've strutted through to the Finals. I just wish there was a way around                                                  those sniping, swashbuckling Delontes from Oakland.

Cavs record: 55-27
Cavs playoff finish: NBA Champions
NBA Finals: Cavs over Warriors
MVP: James Harden

One of my fellow prognosticators once put his johnson on the shoulder of another fellow prognosticator. Please put your guesses in the comment section below.

Cavs record
: 82-0
Cavs playoff finish: NBA Champions
NBA Finals: Wine over Gold in 7
MVP: Richard Jefferson

The Cavaliers' undefeated dominance scares off the Western Conference paper champions, and the NBA Finals are elevated to seven Wine vs. Gold Scrimmages at the Q! In the deciding game, the mighty Jared Cunningham blocks a midrange jumper from Juggernaut Joe Harris and Cleveland wins yet another Championship! Saving your confetti = saving a tree, thank you. We're getting tired of parades!