Sunday, October 11, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Ravens today

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens
October 11, 2015

Ravens 38, Browns, 24

The Browns' horrible defense removes any hope of actually winning in Baltimore.

Ravens, 24, Browns, 13

The great passing games from McCown run out and the Ravens shut down the Browns offense. The Browns lack of game-changing plays on defense results in another loss. Start watching other teams, folks. We'll be looking for a new hot coordinator soon, or maybe Urban Meyer?

Ravens, 31, Browns, 21

Joe Flacco is 13-1 against the Browns over the course of his career. Even with the Ravens struggling, Cleveland's lack of impact players on defense will give Flacco another mark on the left side of the ledger. It's early and yet I'm already to the point where a Browns' loss does not bring down my day. I'd rather be depressed than feel nothing, and I don't have the constitution for nihilism, Mr. Lebowski.
Browns 23, Ravens. 17

I'll be listening to the Browns first road victory while at Disney World. The defense can't be this bad, can it? I think they step up this week and McCown does enough to win.

Ravens, 24, Browns, 21

Cleveland sports radio goes into full-on new coach discussion and GM bashing. Draft talk put on hold for another 22 days.

Ravens 34, Browns, 21

I've got nothing. Browns lose. I can promise you America will also lose should it vote another Liberal sock-puppet into the White House next year. Which is why I'm electing Donald Trump in 2016. It's my Sacred obligation and it should be yours too.