Monday, October 8, 2012

TBDBITL geeks out for Ohio State-Nebraska

The Ohio State University Marching Band put on a hell of a videogame-inspired performance at halftime of the OSU-Nebraska game Saturday night, a game which coincidentally featured a videogame like score of 63-38.

I'm not one to wax poetic about the band, especially since a couple of self-important band members tried to start a fight with us way back in Columbus with the epic, ironic, angry words "What have you done with your life? I've dotted the 'i"!" But the pregame march down the field is a can't-miss for me. And I wish I had been at Ohio Stadium Saturday night for this halftime performance.

It includes tons of throwback references to Pac-Man, Zelda, Tetris, Space Invaders, and Mario, most of which the 19-year-olds in the band have no frigging clue what they're talking about. I guess Halo is in there for good measure.

Some highlights include:
Kicking off with Space Invaders at the beginning.
Tetris at 1:25.
The greatest theme in videogame history, Super Mario, starting about 1:50, with some question mark blocks.
The horse galloping down the field about 6:00.
Pac-man to Game Over at about 8:20.

I can't imagine how much practice this must have taken. Congrats.