Sunday, October 14, 2012

What we think will happen vs. the Bengals today (Week 6)

alt Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns (Week 6)

October 14, 2012

Bengals 31
Browns 24

If the Browns could just put all the phases together. And if I had a nickle...anyway, I'm hoping the left coast changes my luck. I'll be watching with the Bay Area Browns Backers.


Bengals 27
Browns 17

Joe Haden in his return from suspension, looks like he hasn't been playing football for 4 weeks. The Bengals have no trouble putting up points on the Browns. The offense for the Browns just doesn't score enough this Sunday.


Bengals 23
Browns 17

With a new owner officially on board, the Shurmur death watch begins in earnest. It won't be this week, but the bell will soon be tolling for Mr. Personality. 

Browns 24
Bengals 20

If not now, then when?

Bengals 28
Browns 27

The Shurmurnator strikes again, killing all hopes of a victory. But Judgement Day may be coming soon for this machine of destruction as a new owner rolls into town to provide salvation to our once proud franchise.


Browns 27
Bengals 17

I know the Browns are 0-5, but I see improvement. I hate to say it but wins aren't that important this year. We need the young players to get some experience so we can make a leap next year. Weeden and Richardson show us why we should be excited and deliver our first win of 2012.


Bengals 24
Browns 23

It's a Roadhouse Sunday. The Browns play the role of Ben Gazzara's "Brad Wesley". They just can't beat the philosopher/bouncer known simply as "Dalton".