Sunday, October 7, 2012

What we think will happen against the Giants (Week 5)

alt Cleveland Browns at New York Giants

October 7, 2012


Giants 28
Browns 27

Browns the only team in town now without an inspiring coach .


No Pick


Giants 23
Browns 13

The Browns only chance against the champs is old school ball-control offense starring T-Rich. However, with Shurmur in the director's chair, this movie's almost certainly going to be a flop.

Giants 26
Browns 16

After watching Cleveland 95, I'm inspired to watch the game while I'm on the exercise bike. Never knew that Belichick had such nice legs.

Giants 27
Browns 17

I saw some crazy stat that the Browns have won the last three times they've played the defending Superbowl champs. Two words: Pat Shurmur.... make it three out of four.


No Pick



Giants 24
Browns 14

Younger brother Eli continues his quest for respect...tonight on Boardwalk Empire. But first we'll watch the Browns do what they do best.