Thursday, October 18, 2012

Browns' Jimmy Haslam is not Udonis Haslem's brother, it turns out

Not related, if you can believe that!
Well not that this blog (and this author) have not been guilty of the very same, but seems that "Haslam" is a hard name to spell correctly. In fact, until noon today I would have spelled it with an "e" near the end instead of an "a", even with a gun at my head. 

But I've seen the light. Sorry folks, Cleveland Sports Torture has fixed our errors, but as you can see below, misspelling the new Browns' owner's name is a pretty regular occurrence  Most of the misspellings, to be fair, are found on Twitter, where temperature, crowds, or alcohol can certainly impair typing and/or judgement. And to be fair, most articles got it right, especially in headlines and body copy. But some sneaked through, like the Beacon Journal's photo caption, or Andy Baskin's short piece for Channel 5's website. The Plain Dealer has it right, although some misspellings occur in cached versions; guess some editor finally spell checked everything. And Tony Grossi has been spot-on. 

Mea culpa, Mr. Haslam.