Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cavs top NBA power rankings...sort of

The English call it "taking the piss." In the U.S., we refer to it as "goofing." Wherever you hail from, Grantland writer Wesley Morris had some fun with the Cavaliers' new alternate uniforms, an eye-searing yellow-and-red concoction that reminds Morris of hot dog garnish. While Kyrie Irving and Co. may be a longshot for the post-season this year, Morris put Cleveland No. 1 in his 2012-13 NBA uniform power rankings with the following bit of snark: 

"If you're playing basketball in Cleveland, you should be the happiest player in the NBA. You should. For a decade, it was maroon, maroon, maroon — and what happened? You got marooned. It's been two years since you-know-who left. It's time for a new you, and here it is: French's mustard with Heinz script. It's young, it's exciting, and when I see it I immediately want to put the whole thing on my hot dog. It's only an alternate uniform, it's true. But it's one that says things are looking up: We've still got Kyrie Irving, and we just know he'll be thrilled to spend many nights for many years wearing this and not totally ripping our hearts out. Right, Kyrie?"

Had to mention That Guy in Miami (TGiM), didn't you, national writer guy? Maybe Cavs players can start wearing non-prescription nerd glasses to go along with the hip new threads. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, after all.