Monday, October 7, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-49ers Week 5

Cleveland Browns at San Francisco 49ers
October 7, 2019

Browns 35, 49ers 24

The Browns have hopefully unlocked their offensive potential with some new sets, and so are able to pull off a tough win on the road with a daunting path forward the next few games.

49ers 34, Browns 31

Kyle Shanahan prepares a fantastic PowerPoint presentation at halftime that rallies the troops for a last-second win. Browns brass is yet again left in awe of his PPT wizardry.

Browns 27, 49ers 21

Cleveland gets a road win in another showcase game for an offense that's hopefully found its footing. Tonight isn't a must-win, but a short week leading to a match-up against the rested Seahawks makes this game pretty daggone crucial.
Browns 31, 49ers 17

The offense finally shows what it is capable of as Beckham shines again under the Monday night lights.

Browns 30, 49ers 28

The Browns on MNF was once one of the purest joys in life. But MNF has somehow devolved into an average episode of Laverne & Shirley. Sure, I’m going to watch and even smile when Lenny & Squiggy drop in but deep down I know I’m just passing time, wishing for the magic of Happy Days.

49ers 31, Browns 27

Browns do stuff. But not enough stuff.

Browns 34, 49ers 24

Browns' offense continues to find its identity and the Midnight Rider couldn't be more proud.

Browns 50, 49ers 3

I'm actually not drunk. Maybe a bit.

Browns 24, 49ers 21

Our D is better than the three teams the 49ers have played so far. O is starting to pick it up and will score more than the 18 ppg SF gave up to bad teams this year.