Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Buckeyes Hoops: Good to Great

Many who've watched Ohio State throughout the season already suspected there was something a bit off with the "there are no great teams in college basketball this season" argument.  Perhaps that is just some confusion with the fact that there may be no obvious standout superstar pro prospect in college basketball this season.

Being Cavaliers fans as well, with the possibility of a very high draft pick (or two) in our near future, much of the consideration surrounded Buckeye freshman sensation Jared Sullinger, and whether he was the right (size) player for the Cavs and the NBA.

Well, Ohio State has powered their way through the Big Ten schedule, dropping only two games, both on the road to top-10 teams. And a 29-2 record certainly would qualify as great to me.  This was a regular season to remember.  And of course, HUGE props to Cleveland's own David Lighty, the winningest player in Ohio State history.

Eamonn Brennan of ESPN.com seems to agree in a column today.  Hopefully the season ends cutting down the nets in Houston, but even if it doesn't, Brennan says:
Of course, a national championship is often our best -- sometimes only -- retroactive barometer of greatness. Ohio State may have to win it all in early April to get the sort of historical credit it deserves. But if the Buckeyes fall short of a national title -- if they, like so many other teams, fall victim to the oh-so-crazy nature of the NCAA tournament -- don’t listen to the eventual no-great-teams naysayers. After 31 games, what better adjective do we have to describe this team than, well, great?