Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rebounds and hot-dogs

A couple good buddies of mine--well,one in particular--have always been enamored with some of the subtler stats in the game of basketball. Sure, scoring is fine, a three-pointer is great (dunking is not an option in our little group), but nothing is better than an assist.  And if the assist is the sweet payoff from a great finish from a teammate, the rebound is the salty snack that got you there.  Actually, I don't know if saltiness had anything to do with it, but for some reason rebounds were called "hot dogs" when I was growing up playing basketball in my mid-twenties.

Regardless what you call them, there could be a sour issue if Texas-San Antonio wins their play-in game and the right to play Ohio State on Friday.  Texas-SA is ranked 260th in the country in offensive rebounding, and 214th in defensive rebounding.  Jared Sullinger may pull down about 43 rebounds.  Could be interesting.