Thursday, March 17, 2011

What we think will happen... March Madness Edition

March Madness Edition
NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship

Ohio State: National Champs
Ohio State over Kansas in the finals.  Pittsburgh and San Diego State in the Final Four.  Picking against Ohio State right now would be the worst karma I can imagine.
Final Four
Kansas over San Diego State in the championship.  Ohio State and Pitt in the Final Four.
Final FourConnecticut over Kansas in the finals.  Ohio State and Kansas State as national semifinalists. OSU has a hard row to plow if they want to get to the Final. Still, as I'm historically lousy in the field of bracketology, my picks should be taken with a grain of salt as big as a chihuahua's head.
National ChampionsOhio State avenges previous championship losses against Florida, while Duke and Louisville round out the Final Four.
National ChampionsOhio State over Kansas for the title.  Duke and Kansas State in the Final Four.
National ChampionsOhio State beats Pitt for the title.  Purdue and Duke round out the Final Four.
National Champions
Ohio State over Notre Dame in the championship.  Duke and Wisconsin or UNC-Ashville in the Final Four.