Friday, March 25, 2011

Ohio State tries to break the trend, and everybody's watching

Big boys are falling in the Sweet Sixteen. 

Like most of America, my brackets are totally wrecked now.  Not "wrecked" like everyone always says when one of their Elite 8 teams goes down, "wrecked" as in right now I only have three teams alive out of 12 right now.  Ouch.  Damn you Purdue, San Diego State, Pitt, and BYU.    (And yes, I completely realize that nobody cares about anyone else's bracket any more than about anyone else's fantasy football team.  Oh well, deal with it.)

Fortunately, I do have my final two still available.  And I'm still thinking Ohio State and Kansas have a pretty good chance to meet on Monday, April 4.  Naturally, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.  Yesterday, the only higher seed to win was #2 Florida in the Southeast region.   #1 Duke, #2 SDSU, #4 Wisconsin all fell to lower seeds yesterday, something that I'm sure will be pointed out numerous times as OSU, UNC, and Kansas take the floor tonight. 

As we move into what is going to undoubtedly be a great night of college basketball, a couple thoughts.  I agree with Rick Pitino that Kentucky is the biggest hurdle right now between Ohio State and the Final Four. UNC or Marquette aren't as scary to me as the Wildcats are.  UNC just laid a few eggs, and are too inexperienced to do major damage.

And Butler--even though I did want Wisconsin to pull through and represent the Big Ten strongly, what a story Butler is.  The Elite 8 two years in a row for a mid-major is a feat seldom (?) duplicated, and naturally the opportunity is there for much more.  Awesome story. 

Of course, like I said, I don't know what I'm talking about.