Friday, June 15, 2007

White Pell is in the Building

Sam , here's my starting 5 anniversary team just to give a different look than yours:
PG- Magic Johnson
SF- Bird
PF- Barkley
C- Olajuwon

I watched Sopranos again, and i guess the ending was fair IF it was meant for Tony to get whacked. Like Sam said, he wasn't necessarily saving character, hinting at the impending indictment. Someone sent me an email saying how everyone in that diner was in a past episode (whatever that's supposed to represent), and the dude that walked in was Phil Leotardo's son. I have no idea, and don't care enough to go searching through every episode to find out. Gandolfini even weighed in on the ending if yall go to the AOL homepage. Chase did hint that some people's opinions are more accurate than others, with the article specifically referring to the Tony & Bobby conversation on the boat earlier this season that "everything goes to black" when the end comes along. I still think he tried to stick it in all of us by making us think our tv sets blacked out in the end. Oh well, I'm done with gangster movies for a while. It's just too much of the same thing with tv and Hollywood most of the time.