Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cleveland is playing for the Championship

The title are words I never thought I'd say if I wasn't also saying "I wonder if I should wear gloves because it might be freezing and I don't want to try to catch a Hafner ball barehanded." Sorry I'm getting a few months ahead of myself.

Zydrunas and Lebron and Boobie and Drew and Larry and Andy and Donyell and Damon and Eric and Sasha and the rest of the team are playing tonight for a championship and I am getting pretty excited. Fortunately (unlike college football), there's not 3 weeks to get over-excited and practically put myself in the hospital (see January, 2003).

The only national announcer I've seen pick the Cavs was Mike Golic this morning--and I never listen to that show--since I'm traveling for work, I had it on TV. But...of course he's from Cleveland so discount that. I truly wonder how many people outside Cleveland think the Cavs can win it...similar to how many people gave the Buckeyes a shot in 2002. (Or, ironically enough, Florida a shot in 2007.)

I don't know if they're going to win. But I do know they have a shot. If you don't think Lebron has grown in the last four games, you're crazy. (Do you remember that game 5 versus the Nets, after that did you think they'd be here?) At the same time, any national talking- (or writing-) head who says it's Lebron and 11 stiffs is an idiot.

I love Zydrunas, and I hope his jersey is hanging someday at the Q.

I hope Drew Gooden gets a fire lit under his ass like nothing else.

I hope Sasha and Boobie can get hot as hell, hopefully not only at the same time.

I hope Lebron elbows Bruce Bowen in the face.

I hope Anderson can play straight up defense and doesn't embarass himself flopping all over the floor.

And I hope it is sunny and 80 during the parade. This is not a guarantee, and if they get blown out in game 1, I will certainly be secondguessing, but I'm going to go Cavs in 6. They have shown a knack for good shots (as shown in the TrueHoop analysis) versus the Spurs. They have been shutting down offenses, and San Antonio's offense is not even that good.

It all boils down to one thing. Tony Parker. Some combination of Larry, Boobie, Eric, Lebron, Shannon Brown, Scot Pollard, I don't care...someone's gotta stop him. If he consistently breaks down the D...and Drew or Z can't stay home, we will be in trouble. God knows that Tim Duncan is hard enough to guard with someone on him.

Go Cavs.

PS Bill Simmons thinks I'm a fool. Just read this afterwards.