Monday, June 25, 2007

Behind the Scenes Stories on the Cavs Beat

In case you don't read the Cavs Blog, yesterday in Brian Windhorst blog he linked to Bob Finnan's (News Hearald beat writer) behind the scences stories on the Cavs. Here are the links to the story, part 1, part2 and part 3.

Two of my favorite's from the story:

After the game, some goofball radio guy asked James, "Do you take little LeBron to Chuck E. Cheese?" James answered him, too. Then, said dope follows up with another question, "Do you get more women as LeBron the basketball player or the businessman?" That's when Cavs media director Tad Carper sprung into action. "All right, out!" Carper yelled. "Out!" Cavs guard Eric Snow, sitting nearby in the locker room, chuckled all through the exchange. Two weeks before, the radio guy asked then-Indiana Pacers forward Stephen Jackson about his "weapon of choice."

We've seen enough-
Wesley drove hard to the basket in the Dallas game and, somehow, ventured too far under the basket. His layup attempt was blocked by the rubber foaming on the bottom of the basket support. One jokester said they should have stopped the game, dragged out a podium and microphone, and allowed him to announce his retirement on the spot. As it was, Wesley didn't play more than a couple minutes the rest of the season.