Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A couple scouting reports for the finals...

TrueHoop ran through every possession Lebron had versus the Spurs this year, and you might be surprised. Check out the whole article here, it's worth the read. Summarized a bit below:

The main point is that when LeBron James got the ball against San Antonio's defense, the Cavaliers managed to get a good shot an alarming percentage of the time. There were a smattering of offensive fouls, certainly. And a couple of times James forced a pass that was picked off.

I watched 50 possessions, between the two games. Eight times (nine if you count a pretty amazing Tim Duncan block of Anderson Varejao) the Spurs forced the Cavaliers into a turnover, an offensive foul, or a truly difficult shot.

Trusting my observations, that means the Cavaliers had good looks 84% of the time. Seems like a high number against any team, but especially San Antonio.

Those 42 times San Antonio was not successful? The Cavaliers either:

  • Scored.
  • Got fouled.
  • Scored and got fouled.
  • Missed easy shots (which they do sometimes).

I have a feeling what happens with those easy shots will decide the 2006-2007 NBA champion.

Interesting stuff. Not that it necessarily means that much, but you can read the play-by-play for the games here and here.

NBA.com's John Schuhmann, in detail, breaks down the defensive efforts of the Cavaliers.

YaySports! decries the claims that Detroit was ever a dynasty.

Speculation on what the Pistons will do to re-contend in future years.

From what I can find, most places don't think the Cavs can pull it off. Sportsline, ESPN, AOL, etc. In fact, AOL has a thing where you can rank the MVP candidates. #1-#4. The Cavaliers' representation: Lebron James, vs. Ginobli, Duncan, and Parker. Guess they're not giving Drew Gooden much of a chance.

And a blogger recounts his encounter with Lebron's entourage years ago.