Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Abre Los Ojos...

and get used to what you are seeing. I have a feeling this may become the norm over the next few years. The Cavs will average 50-55 wins, get to at least the conference finals, and when they do reach the Finals they will get crushed by ______(fill in the blank with any of about 6 Western Conference teams and with Oden and Durant going out west that number may grow.)

I am still flabergasted on how just about all of you looked at this Series and thought we would win. What makes it even more crazy is most of you, and most of Cleveland, thought the Spurs are a better team, with a better coach, with homecourt in a 7 game series. You knew that and yet thought the Cavs would win?? As the Guiness guys say "Brilliant."

I'm not God nor due I claim to be, I'm just gifted.