Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick thoughts and top 10 video of new Cavs SF Omri Casspi

The Cavs today traded one of their most valuable young pieces, JJ Hickson, to the Sacramento Kings for Omri Casspi and a future (protected) first round draft pick.  I don't know much about Casspi, other than he is the first Israeli NBA player and apparently dates Bar Rafaeli. Perhaps Cavs GM Chris Grant felt left out when he didn't draft a foreign player with one of his lottery picks this year.

I found this "top 10 Omri Casspi plays" on YouTube, and let's just say they I have to think there's at least one play "better" than a fast break wide open putback layup.  Nevertheless, a few things are sure...Casspi is tall, relatively quick, a good ball handler, and gets up in the air quickly.  He also apparently can shoot the three.

JJ Hickson showed some promise, but not quickly enough, and future contract issues (and some possible attitude issues) probably sealed his fate in Cleveland. But it was nice knowing you, JJ, and I liked your game too.  Good luck in Sacramento.