Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Minor League team to give away LeBron replica championship rings

Peoria ChiefsImage via Wikipedia
What I wouldn't give to be in charge of minor league baseball promotions for a team whose owner is the single-A equivalent of Mark Cuban, and there's no David Stern to slap our hands.

In the latest case, the Peoria Chiefs will be holding a LeBron James 2011 NBA Championship Replica Ring Giveaway to all fans this Thursday, June 16. This will take place to help their "Salute to the 1990s Chicago Bulls Championship Teams" night.

Normally, a night of baseball centered around the six championships that the Bulls won would make me want to vomit up the three or four hot dogs I'd just inhaled at the ballpark. But in this case, the Chiefs have made it worth attending.

Some highlights:

  • The team is looking to see if the league will let them skip the fourth (inning, in this case)
  • One lucky fan will win a replica of James' 2011 Finals MVP Award, which he "earned with his clutch fourth quarter play"
  • Heimlich instructions will be given to fans, for those situations where they're needed
Naturally, like TGiM's ring, it doesn't really exist.  It will weigh, look like, and be worth precisely as much as air. But at least $2.00 draft beers will get you plenty primed to think of some more jokes at LeBron's expense. Big ups to Nathan Baliva (@nbaliva) and the entire organization for this stroke of genius.

As VP of ticket sales Eric Obalil said, "Really this is just us getting back to the real world and waking up today and trying to solve our own personal problems."

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