Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greg Oden mistaken for That Guy in Miami (TGiM)?

Okay, TMZ may say they don't endorse the usage of racial stereotypes, but how does any red-blooded American male (as I assume this cameraguy is) not recognize that Greg Oden is not LeBron James...errrr...TGiM?

We know how this (dunk and season) ended.
Sure, maybe they both look like they are 20 years older than they really are.  They both led my teams to the brink of greatness, but fell short. They're both Midwesterners. And of course, they're both giant African-Americans.  Which I'm sure is why the cameraman was so woefully ignorant confused.

But--only one of them still dresses like a Midwesterner. Only one didn't stab my team in the back (we all knew Greg was at Ohio State for one year, and it was a great one). Only one wouldn't act like a total prima dona jackass if a cameraman mistook him for someone else.

Only one wouldn't be out in public not surrounded by a sycophant jackass posse. Only one of them wouldn't be decked out in giant diamond earrings and a self-branding t-shirt. Only one of them has a self-effacing sense of humor, as you can see in the video.

Only one of them am I wishing long successful NBA years ahead of him. And only one of them would I welcome to the Cleveland Cavaliers with open arms.