Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Once in a while, something nice about That Guy in Miami

....or this week, I suppose, "That Guy in Akron and Definitely Not Cleveland I Never Thought It Was The Same Thing It's Totally Different Stop Thinking I Left My Hometown I Still Love Ohio Except For When I Root For the Yankees Or The Cowboys Or Any Other Frontrunning Team."

Joshua Gunter/PD
LeBron James returns to Akron this week for his basketball camp and his annual bikeathon. Despite all the things LeBron has done to deserve the disdain of sports fans across the country--especially in Northeast Ohio--his annual event is an admirable thing. 

This year's event will focus on education, and as the PD reported, seems to be a very generous donation by James and his sponsors.

The program will concentrate on students who come from single-parent homes, as James did. It will begin with a two-week educational camp that offers extensive reading intervention and technology classes to help students reach current academic standards.

After completing the camp, the students will receive an HP laptop, a Nike backpack filled with school supplies and a bicycle from Wheels for Education.
In the spirit of Fox News and being totally fair and balanced, lets not forget that LeBron dunked on a little kid this week also, knocking his dominated butt to the ground. No word on whether TGiM got a new tattoo to commemorate the occasion.