Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Every 90 years, happy for Pittsburgh

AP Photos/ Jim Mone/ Gene J Puskar
It's not every day when I appreciate something in Pittsburgh. Between James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger, and the everpresent infestation of Steelers fans and their yellow hankies, there's enough derision coming from Cleveland to paint that whole black and yellow town with a broad brush of enmity.

But every ninety years or so, there is a reason to be happy for Pittsburgh--or more accurately, a reason to revel in our own joint good fortune and success. This is one of those times. Right now the Pirates and the Indians sit in first place--which is the latest in the season both teams have been in first since July 18, 1921.
MLB - Indians and Pirates in 1st Place

From Elias: The Pirates and Indians occupy first place entering today's action. As Brian Kenny likes to say "that got us to thinking." When was the last time the Indians and Pirates were in first place at the same time this late in the season? The answer is 1921. Through games of July 18, 1921 both teams were in first place, the Indians were 55-31 and the Pirates were 55-29, they were both in first place through the rest of July that year then every day from August 19 through 31. Neither team made the postseason. The Yankees and Giants over took the Indians and Pirates for their respective pennants.about 1 hour ago | - ESPN Stats and Information
As you can see, neither team made the postseason that year. Let's not hope for a replay of that part of the story. Incidentally, it turns out that July 18, 1921 is when the first tuberculosis vaccine was given. No word on whether that affected the Pirates going forward. They must be a germy bunch, coming from the 'burgh.

Don't get used to the positive vibes, Pittsburgh.