Friday, April 1, 2011

What we think will happen (It's baseball season--finally!)

MLB 2011

How will the Indians do?
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World Series Prediction

Third in AL Central
Indians continue to show flashes of real recovery, but given the competition in the AL and AL Central, and the lack of payroll, wins are at a real premium.

World Series: Rockies over Red Sox.   Because my picture was taken at Coors Field and lo and behold, all of my future in-laws are Rockies fans.  And every time an expansion team wins a championship before the Indians a little bit of my soul dies.

Fourth in AL Central
Hoping the 2011 season shows progress. Cleveland really needs a winner, but it won't be this year for the Indians.

World Series: Giants over Twins

Fourth in AL Central
Tribe brass is calling this a year for the team's young players to grow with an eye toward contention in 2012 or 2013. The Indians do have some talent, and I expect the team to hit better than last year, but the pitching staff is unproven and there's too many question marks dotting the roster. A rash of injuries and Cleveland could easily be looking at another 90-loss season.

World Series: Rockies over Boston

Fourth in AL Central
Like Manny Acta said, they're going to play "Wahoo Baseball.”

World Series: Phillies over Yankees

Fourth in AL Central
455 straight sellouts in the 90s, 1 sellout this year (Opening Day). I miss the good old days...Carlos, Sandy, Kenny, Albert, Omar, Manny, Thome, Nagy, Ogea, Assenmacher, Plunk, Orel, El Presidente, etc.

I miss Bill Selby, too.

World Series: Phillies over Yankees

Third in AL Central
So Manny Acta is bilingual, and easily establishes rapport with young ballplayers.  We get that.  But heads are gonna roll if we lose 90 games again.

World Series:  Phillies over Red Sox

Fourth in AL Central
Another Ho-Hum year, but attendance boosts thanks to new ticket discounts and the PBR at Dad's Beer stand.

World Series:  Phillies over Twins