Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Browns draft wish get it right

Is anyone really an expert on the NFL draft?  I mean, the so-called experts come out of the woodwork every year, of course.  And there are mock drafts after mock drafts leading up to that wonderful Saturday in April every year.  The Saturday where I normally check the draft from the golf course.  (Grabbing a hot dog at the turn at StoneWater GC was where I found out that Butch Davis traded up one pick for Kellen Winslow.  Junior, unfortunately, not senior.)

Regardless, everyone knows one thing--that nobody knows anything.  There is no sure thing.  Cam Newton might be amazing, or he might be another Ryan Leaf.  Most likely AJ Green and Julio Jones aren't BOTH going to be amazing hall of fame wide receivers.  Is that going to stop me from wanting something specific every year?  No.  My wishes in the past either didn't come true, or when they did, they sucked.  But here we go again.

In 1999, I desperately wanted no part of the Tim Couch v. Akili Smith debate.  I wanted Ricky Williams almost as bad as Mike Ditka did.  Damn shame.

Some Browns fan had a sign at the stadium in the 1999 season that read "Courtney Brown or trade down."  I loved it, and was my personal motto leading up to the draft.  Uggh, that

I was fine with the Gerard Warren pick.  How did that turn out.  The "never draft a player with 'money' in his nickname" is a good rule to live by. 

Those first few years make me cry a little bit. Litter in a bunch of undersized and/or lightly-regarded receivers in high rounds (Kevin Johnson, Dennis Northcutt, JaJuan Dawson, Andre Davis, Travis Wilson, Mohamed Massaquo).  Add a touch of underachieving quarterbacks.  And then a Michigan man.

And you have a recipe for disaster. 

Last year, however, appears to have a few delicious tidbits to whet Browns fans' appetites, with Haden, TJ Ward, McCoy, and Lauvao looking good, and of course Montario Hardesty hanging around, giving Browns fans dreams of a powerful two-headed backfield.

The thing is, the NFL draft is littered with spoiled picks, and the Browns are just one of many teams who have frustrated fan bases for years, especially with high-profile failures.

All I want now is to put my trust in Mike Holmgren and company, just like Colt McCoy did.

And maybe, just maybe, the Browns will agree with me this year and draft will draft Peterson, Jones, or Green, and I'll be happy as a clam.  We need offensive weapons, and Peterson is being sold as the best athlete in the draft, which would help the Browns who need some more athletes.

Or ignore those three players.  Whatever.  Just don't trade up one spot--if you do that, you're a sucker.  And don't draft another quarterback.