Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bros before dough / Browns get together for some spring sharpening

Well isn't everything coming up tulips in C-town these days.  Spring may not have sprung quite yet, but the Indians ended their horrendous one-game losing streak last night, and on top of that, the NFL actually has something for Browns fans to to smile about during this lockout.

Mohamed Massaquoi tipped his hand this morning as he was on his way to Austin to meet Colt McCoy and fellow receivers for a little non-sanctioned, unpaid, yet extremely allowed work.

Obviously, no practice is allowed for players at their teams' facilities, hence the name "lockout."  But the fact that the WR crew is meeting up with young Colt at HIS house shows a number of very positive things for the Browns.

For instance, I don't think the WR crew has any delusions of grandeur.  They know that they were an extreme weak spot in 2010, as only Ben Watson and Peyton Hilis gave Colt McCoy any room to operate in the Browns' offense.  The fact that Massaquoi is heading down there with fellow wideouts Josh Cribbs, Jordan Norwood, and Carlton Mitchell suggests that they are VERY motivated to get better--much better--and soon.  They hear the buzz about the Browns, a team in need of talent at many positions, desiring a gamebreaking wideout, and they want to show that they belong on the team.

The fact that the face of the Browns' future-albeit unproven-is hosting this microcamp is an excellent sign as well.  Colt McCoy wants to prove to his teammates, his coaches, journalists, and fans that he is the leader of the Browns and he will do whatever it takes to get better.

I'm happy Josh Cribbs is going, too.  He is the virtual "king" of Cleveland right now, at least until Lonnie Chisenhall gets promoted, and could easily sit this one out as one of the Browns' veterans.  But he didn't.

And finally, maybe the guys will do a little Easter egg hunting after church on Easter.  Because according to Twitter, this is one of the most devout groups of men in the NFL accompanying Massaquoi deep into the heart of darkness Texas.