Monday, May 19, 2008

Sorry Dudes - Part 2

You'd think I was on Windhorst's jock for quoting him all the time to prove my points, and well, I am. I think he's the best beat writer, and possibly sports (newspaper) reporter period, in N.E. Ohio and it won't be long before he's at ESPN. Ryan, here's another quote from his blog for your viewing pleasure...

–One thing that is not going to change with this team is Brown. He did a solid job in the playoffs, his in between adjustments were pretty strong for the most part and I thought in the Wizards series his management of matchups was very good at times. Sometimes he is unable to get the Cavs to make changes in the game, part of that is him and part of that is the team (um, LeBron) sort of doing what they want to do on offense and not running anything. He’ll have to look inward and decide how to fix it, that is his next great challenge. But he gets the Cavs to play a style that enables them to have a chance to win and his playoff record is very strong. Take your potshots, even those with merit, but he's proven that he is a good playoff coach and one that is still growing and learning.

I think Windhorst reads this blog and writes his accordingly.