Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Game 1/2

Game 1/2? Yeah - because due to a frickin' power outage AND unrelated cable outage, I only saw the second half of Game 1... and I had to see it on a 15" tv at Rummy's. The bonuses being that 1. I learned a bunch of cool new features for my iphone and 2. I got to see Vox slam his fist down on the table, spilling his water all over.

I think you can look at this two ways:

  1. You can say Lebron was HORRIBLE, we shot 30%± and we still only lost by 4.
  2. You can say Game 1 was there for us to steal and we missed a golden opportunity and that could come back to haunt us.

One thing appears clear to me... the Celtics are not the greatest team in NBA history, despite what the media portrayed during the regular season. This is going to be an ugly battle between two DEFENSIVE teams. And that "defensive" label doesn't come from me.

Once again, the Boston/NY bias reared it's ugly face again in the MVP race. No problem with Kobe and Paul, but Garnett finishing ahead of Lebron is a joke. I'm going to research this in more detail, but just the fact that everyone wrote off Lebron at the end of the year ticks me off. 1 first place vote? Come on.