Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lets hear some predictions...

Well after reading the PD today and seeing Bud Shaw and Bill Livingston pick the Cavs in six I was a little surprised. It sounded like Terry Pluto also likes the Cavs in 6 as well. What am I missing?
I will say the Celtics did look vulnerable allowing a very young, inexperienced Hawks team to take them 7 games and now I at least think the Cavs could win, I just don't think it is likely. Keep in mind the Cavs didn't look all that great against an average Wizards team.
In my opinion the Celtics have too much talent for the Cavs average defense. If Ben Wallace is good enough to stop Garnett, a big "If", who is going to stop Pierce and Allen? Also, I think the Celtics home court advantage is huge. They were nearly unbeatable at home during the season and blew out the Hawks by I believe an average of more than 20 in their 4 home games.
Lebron's pretty good but the Spurs showed last year he can't beat a real good team all by himself.
Celtics in 6.
Now let me hear your predictions.