Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Game 4

Props to Vox for the great seats last night, as we sat just one section over from Joe Tait and the media section. Man, Terry Pluto was out of there by halftime. Branson stayed... he really seems to enjoy the atmosphere. Couldn't find Windhorst.

View from our seats - Game 4

I'm done (for the time being) arguing about the Cavs defense. I don't know how many more times they have to show something. 12 fourth quarter points, 30 something for the half. That's impressive.

On to Game 4 notes. I admit these are very superficial, not much insight:

  • The crowd was the loudest I've ever heard. Great atmosphere. Loved the "Wally" chant.
  • I've decided that the NBA playoffs is just insane. Nothing is predictable. And the difference in a series is such a fine line it's ridiculous. If Lebron has half a normal game or the Cavs get a couple defensive stops in Game 1, we're up 3-1. Instead we were down 0-2 and the whole perception shifts and it seems like the Cavs have no chance. Then we win and the perception totally flips again.
  • Props to Andy. Big game. Great defense on Garnett.
  • Garnett is kind of a punk. Mr. Intensity is a little bit of a thug and trash talker. I never realized it until earlier in the year when the Cavs beat the Celtics and I've seen it even more in these playoffs.
  • Gloria is down right insane. Don't mess with her baby.
  • When we made the trade, I said Joe Smith might be the steal and I think he might be. West is finally asserting himself. I think he's a better player than Rondo. Vox and I were discussing the trade on the way home. We basically gave up Newble and Marshall for West and Wally.
  • The Cavs are deep... maybe the deepest team in the East. You have Joe Smith off the bench as your 8th man basically. Z and Wallace didn't even play that much in the fourth quarter. With Wally, Z, Boobie and Smith, as long as everyone isn't off at once, our depth is going to be a huge advantage.
  • There's insanely hot girls at the Q. (And I mean the fans). Apparently Lebron and a good basketball team brings out the best Cleveland has to offer.
It's probably a good thing I went to the game instead of Mrs. Vox, or Vox might be divorced this morning:
  • My final count on Vox outbursts include:
(2) Jesus Christs
(5) That's a FOULLL!
(3) Hand Ups
(1) NO Andy!
(1) Get off the court Doc!!!
(1) FUCK!!!

Vox outbursts are great because they always seem to happen just when the crowd gets quiet. Seriously, I love the outbursts. Vox, please don't get self-conscious. Be yourself!

In a flash back to our days at the Richfield Coliseum, Vox took some loose popcorn pieces from a bag while we were waiting in line... ala Nate and the Relish Incident in Canada. The only thing missing was the Arab guy saying "Ey man... you can't do that man!" Instead a hot chick behind us in line caught him.

There was another hot chick sitting in front of us. She had to have had at least 10 beers during the game.

Speaking of hot chicks... Rachel Nichols (ESPN reporter) is on Rizzo right now. I love Rachel... and she's pretty damn good at her job too.

FYI -Lebron was on Mike and Mike this morning. Weird... Lebron never comes on any local talk shows and I think Mike and Mike is the first time he's been on a national show (not counting Oprah, SNL, the ESPYs, or SportsCenter Sunday Conversation etc.) I've never heard him on any of the local shows.