Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sorry Dudes

I'm sorry to do this to all you Cleveland Sports Torture readers, but I have to post something from Windhorst's blog... again....

–It is fair to criticize Mike Brown for his offense, heck knows I have been doing it for years. But the guy takes so much abuse in this town. His defensive principles are responsible for the win, maybe not as much as the star power of LeBron, but these are the types of games that Mike spends so much time preparing his team for. Perhaps the weaknesses will decide the game Sunday but there are strengths and important ones. The Cavs shot 32 percent and won. Think about that for a minute.

Maybe someday Ryan will understand what I am trying to say about Mike Brown. Then again, that day may be in 2015 and the Cavs may be playing in Seattle.