Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mike Trivisonno is an Idiot

I wish I had the time or energy to back that title up with a detailed analysis of his show but I don't have the time. I barely ever can drag myself to listen to the Big One (ironic) between 3 and 7 on weekdays; normally after a big trade or Browns game, that's about ever. But it absolutely amazes me to hear someone as entirely ignorant as him try to pass himself off as knowing anything at all about anything. Whether it's sports takes or his new-found neoconservative views, he makes asinine points (which I can see), and then backs them up with ridiculous or circular logic.

That being said, now Charlie Frye is gone (as of now it's an undisclosed draft pick; I heard 6th round which means the Browns got a deal, then I heard 3rd round pick and that means the Browns got a steal. Oh well, still worth it.)

I don't know if I want to start Brady Quinn or not, but here are my reactions to the two main reasons that people are giving NOT to start him immediately:
1. "Let him sit on the bench for a few weeks to learn the NFL."
-Ummm, from whom? Derek Anderson and Ken Dorsey???
2. "Look what happened to Tim Couch!"
-Two responses--first, isn't the O-Line supposed to be much improved, especially from 1999? And second, isn't it possible, just possible, that Tim Couch just plain sucked regardless? Not that Quinn might not suck too, but the Browns (and their fans) have seen enough to hope, and that's more than we saw from Timmy.