Sunday, September 9, 2007

We Can Still Go 15-1

Wow, how many more days, weeks, months and years can Browns fans take this. I’m probably the biggest optimist/homer when it comes to talking about the Browns and watching the Browns and reading about the Browns. I like to always look for the silver lining the small improvements that might not translate to wins, but are the good foundation for a decent football team. Unfortunalty the Browns can’t even be considered a decent football team. I know it’s only one game and blah blah blah, but my God it’s getting depressing. After the game I was actually happy that I didn’t get tickets to the game today because as depressing as it was at home it had to be worse sitting in the rain at the stadium watching Derek Anderson throwing to the wrong side of receivers. I don’t know where the Browns can go from here they totally opened the whole QB controversy again this week by benching Frye. (he did look horrible and held the ball for way to long) Despite the loss to me the scariest/most troubling thing to come out of the game today was they looked like the same exact team they were at the end of last year and haven’t been practicing for the past 9 months, and that only points to the people standing on the sidelines without the pads on. Maybe it’s just the first game jitters and next week will be different and I hope it will be (since I’m going, and don’t want to sit through a blow out), but I wouldn’t be shocked to see this happen again. I heard Peter King on NBC say that Savage called a 7 AM meeting for tomorrow morning to discuss some things with the team.

I heard Reghi say in the post game that since they went to Anderson so soon, they should cut Frye and bring back Dorsey since he was Brady’s mentor because it’s obvious that they need to get him ready to play sooner rather then later. Interesting thought….

Some random things from watching the game….

-I enjoyed the announcers trying to say the new punter muffed the catch on the first punt b/c he hasn’t worked out with the team for that long, like it was his fist time punting ever. The ball only hit him in the face mask, and he’s an NFL punter I’m pretty sure he’s caught a long snap before and catching the snap is a fundamental part of his job he doesn’t need excuses.

-Why did Lawrence Vickers dance after his touchdown catch, maybe he didn’t know we were down by 23 points at the time. If I were Romeo I bench his ass or at least chew him out. It doesn’t come across that well when players are dancing and we’re getting our asses handed to us. If Ian Ziering danced as well as Vickers did today he would have won Dancing with the Stars.

-Rich Gannon said that Eric Wright needed to watch out for the savvy veteran experience of Santonio Holmes while covering him. Since when does being in your second year make you a savvy veteran?

-while flipping to Golf during the game someone said “whoever shoots the lowest will win” I thought that’s how Golf usually works.