Monday, July 16, 2007

Point Guard or Power Forward?

Brian Windhorst writes that the Cavs-Kings talk is still hot and heavy, apparently mostly involving some kind of Gooden-Bibby swap with the Cavs throwing in lots of extra pieces.

The only thing I can think is the Kings just still aren’t happy with the package being offered. The Cavs can offer Gooden and expiring contracts (Ira Newble, David Wesley) or they can offer Gooden and a shooter (Jones) or a combination of both. They are still trying to get a third team involved, just as they were for hours and hours back in February, to sweeten the package. With all this talk, my gut tells me this probably gets done at some point in the future. They aren’t going to give up now.
I am a little skeptical of this, Bibby had quite the down year and looks to be slowing down, if anything. I realize that a playmaking PG would be just what they need, but the expense of a rebounding power forward seems like a dangerous price to pay. IF the Cavs keep Anderson Varajao, and there seems to be some concern that it might be only for one year, is the the solution there? He truly is clueless on the offensive end, except for the occasional move and on fast breaks. He is an excellent piece of the puzzle, but I don't think he can put up 35-40 quality minutes a night. The burst of energy that he provides is great, but Drew Gooden has the offensive game that Anderson lacks, even if it always doesn't show up. How good would Boozer look in a Cavs uniform right now?

More about Varajao, I was actually slightly disappointed that he didn't leave so the Cavs could go after Darko. Of course that really doesn't make much sense, but a younger, still maturing player with the offensive game that he may (should?) develop would be fun to watch. Oh well, Memphis signed him, nobody can afford Andy, and his agent wants $4 million more per year than the Cavs are willing to pay. As Brian Windhorst reported a league executive told him, "This is going to be one to watch." Fun for outsiders, sickening for Cavs fans if Drew is traded and Andy leaves or only stays for one year.