Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Haiku Wednesday

Does anyone know
the name of a good pro ref?
Grand on the over, please.

D. Stern lynches ref;
But a secret suspension
for ol' Twenty-Three.

Barry Bonds' huge head;
C-C's huge ass. Steroids or
strawberry cheesecake?

The Tigers still suck;
White Sox do too. Why is the
Tribe not in first place?

Is it better that
the Eastern Conference sucks or
that the A.L. rules?

Bill Selby served Vox up a
negative buck ten.

What word has many
more syllables than Selby?

Cooperstown is where
Bill Selby would be if he
just juiced up some more.

Marco Scutaro?
NY Times says the new Bill?
U R no Selby.