Friday, July 13, 2007

For bang for your buck, it's Indians over Browns

Here’s the latest Direct from Pluto (email only) news letter. I would’ve copied the whole article, but it’s really long, so instead here’s the heading. You can read the rest of from the link

For bang for your buck, it's Indians over Browns

What do you guys think? Since some of you are season ticket holders to the Browns and not the Indians why not buy Indians or even Cavs season tickets and dump the Browns since they always seem to be heading in the wrong direction.

My take….

As a fan of both teams, I believe that the reason the Browns and most NFL teams can continue to sell out is because of the way the NFL is set up. Each year you believe that your team has a possibility to win (even if deep down you know it’s a long shot, you still believe). Over the years in the NFL there have been quite of few teams that have gone from worst to first in one season. (New Orleans 2006, St. Louis in 99, N.E. 2000). Baseball just doesn’t work that way. If you don’t have good to above average pitching you won’t win. Even if you have a stud he only pitches every 5 days. The only way to help your team quickly from one year to the next, (example: Detroit past couple years) is to make a big splash in free agency, and when the Indians don’t do that the casual fan thinks they aren’t improving themselves, and don’t buy tickets. However with football you make front page headlines with big signings and big draft picks, the casual fan takes notice and say “maybe I’ll head to a Browns game and see Brady Quinn play, I liked the way he played in college.” You didn’t hear people saying, “can you believe they signed both Trot Nixon and Joe Borowski, man I can’t wait to go to a Tribe game it’s going to be wild!” what you do in the prior year/off-season drives your next seasons tickets. The Indians didn’t play well last year and didn’t do much in the off season hence not that many tickets were sold. I can write more, but what do you guys think any comments?

By the way if people do show up in mass to the Tribe games the rest of the year, what the hell are they going to do about the concession stands? I head to a lot of games and they have trouble serving people when they draw 20k you end up waiting in line for a couple of innings if not more. I went to a game earlier this year and was told that the hot dogs weren’t ready yet and they would be another 10 minutes it’s a freaking baseball game I wasn’t ordering a filet. By the way it was the first inning. Hopefully they have more people they can hire to work there, if not you’ll be reading about people being in the line for the whole game or most of the game sometime in the future. It also doesn’t help when the people working the cash registers have trouble with basic math.